Charge Description Master

Tyler County Hospital is committed to greater transparency to empower our patients to make informed health-care decisions.

While this information lists service charges, it does not accurately reflect out-of-pocket patient costs. To better understand those costs, we encourage you to contact your insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid, or call us for self-pay estimates.

Please note that when comparing Tyler County Hospital’s charge description master (CDM) to other hospitals, there are many variables to consider. In addition, other hospitals may include different goods, supplies or procedures under a similarly named description. As a patient, price is just one component to consider. The quality and safety of services a hospital provides is just as important.

Understanding These Charges

  • Charges are the same for all patients, regardless of ability to pay or insurance company coverage
  • Charges are not the actual expected reimbursement from patients or insurance companies to Tyler County Hospital
  • Our reimbursement depends on a variety of factors, including:
    • Negotiated health plan rates
    • Fixed government rates (Medicare and Medicaid)
    • Individually negotiated package pricing
    • Payment discounts
    • Patient’s ability to pay
  • Our reimbursement could include:
    • Whether a procedure was performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis
    • Physician orders
    • Comorbidities and complications
    • Medical necessity

 Separate Billing

Tyler County Hospital may not employ all the physicians who may provide service or care during hospitalizations. Charges for these services are not included in the CDM, and will be billed separately from the hospital. These physicians may include (but are not limited to):

  • Emergency room physicians
  • Radiologists
  • Pathologists