Fight Autoimmune Arthritis 1

This day was established by IFAA in 2012 in response to a global plea from patients to help both the public and the medical community recognize the type of arthritis associated with having an autoimmune or autoinflammatory disease is different than having the more common type of arthritis due to aging, wear and tear, or injury.

Additionally, while each one of us may have the same diagnosis (much like the same make and model of a vehicle), each one of us is unique, or customized, per individual. This often contributes to difficulty in detection, referrals, and early diagnosis, which results in delays in treatment, compromised quality of life, and less chance for remission.

Using an analogy like AUTO in the Autoimmune Arthritis and Autoinflammatory Arthritis can hopefully creatively help educate both the public and medical community about our diseases – and the difference between the arthritis associated with them from the more common type.

Impact. Over the last few years, dozens of nonprofits and advocates from around the world have united to make this day an enormous success, simply “liking” and “sharing” awareness posts on social media.